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Huntington Area

Let's make Huntington home! This historic town is host to Marshall University, has a bustling downtown, and access to a host of outdoor recreation activities! Huntington is also only a day-trip away from over 50% of the nation’s population and is the geographic center of Appalachia. The Tri-State Airport is also close by, and a multi-million dollar fiber upgrade, now in progress, will transform your connectivity making Huntington the perfect fit for remote and hybrid work.

Map showing Huntington location

Featured Amenities

Outdoor Recreation in Huntington

Huntington offers a diverse range of outdoor recreation opportunities, from exploring the scenic beauty of local parks to enjoying the water on one of our lakes or rivers.

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Cuisine and Culture in Huntington

From casual to elegant, and everything in between, the dining scene in Huntington is rich with taste and flavor.

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Housing in Huntington

Huntington offers a diverse and affordable range of housing options, catering to various preferences and needs.

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An office space

Coworking Space

Our Huntington coworking space is ready to make your remote work dreams come true. Nestled in downtown Huntington, this hub has large shared spaces, private offices, a kitchenette, and a beautiful patio space. What's more, locally owned shops and restaurants are within walking distance, the bustling Marshall University campus is just a few minutes away, and outdoor recreation is at your fingertips. Let your workday fly by in Huntington!

Marshall University campus


Huntington is home to Marshall University, a renowned public research institution that offers over 150 programs across various colleges and schools. Education in Cabell County, West Virginia, reflects a commitment to academic excellence and community engagement. The county boasts a diverse range of public and private educational institutions, fostering a vibrant learning environment. With a focus on personalized learning, schools in Cabell County strive to meet the unique needs of each student, promoting intellectual, social, and emotional growth. The district's dedicated educators employ innovative teaching methods and technology to enhance the learning experience. Additionally, Cabell County values parental involvement, encouraging collaboration between families, schools, and the community to support student success. Through a combination of rigorous curricula, extracurricular activities, and a nurturing atmosphere, Cabell County's education system aims to equip students with the skills and knowledge needed to thrive in an ever-evolving world.

People eating at a restaurant

Community Organizations

As you consider making Huntington your new home, you'll find a thriving community supported by a range of local community and non-profit organizations. The Huntington Regional Chamber of Commerce stands as a hub for networking, connecting you to the heartbeat of the local economy. Get plugged in by joining their Huntington Young Professionals or Women’s Impact Network groups. With more than 275 non-profits in the Huntington metro area, it is easy to volunteer and advocate for causes that are important to you, whether it is with the United Way of the River Cities, Facing Hunger Foodbank, Little Victories Animal Rescue, or the Huntington City Mission. Whether it’s building a park or establishing a watch program, Huntington’s neighborhood associations are a well-established network dedicated to bringing together residents and collaborating on local initiatives. These non-profit organizations are just some examples of Huntington's spirit of collaboration and unity, offering you the opportunity to integrate into the heart of this Appalachian gem, where community involvement is not just a choice, but a way of life.

Medical center


In Huntington, WV, a resilient community is actively shaping a brighter future for healthcare. Collaborative efforts, spearheaded by Marshall University, Mountain Health Network, and Marshall Health, are fostering wellness through innovative initiatives and accessible care with a focus on recovery, gerontology, obesity, and rural medicine. OVP Health and Valley Health offer an extensive range of primary care in a growing number of outpatient locations across the region. As the community unites, a healthier and more vibrant Huntington is emerging, dedicated to enhancing overall well-being and creating a thriving healthcare environment.

Meet Your Community Contact

Portrait of Tricia Ball

Tricia Ball

Hi! I’m Tricia your Huntington Area Community Contact. I’ll be helping you navigate your new home from the day you submit your application and beyond. Have a question or want to chat? Reach out to me at to talk about all things Huntington Area.