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Check out what our program participants are saying!

Mikayla Thompson standing on a deck with sunset in the background

Mikayla Thompson

Research and Policy Analyst , National Institute for Health Care Management

Working remotely is a wonderful experience for me because I can balance my personal life with my productivity at work. To me, remote work means having the freedom to choose my environment and the people around me. It also allows me to travel extensively, visiting family and friends across the country and taking spontaneous trips that would not have been possible in a traditional office environment.

Portrait of Steve Smith

Steve Smith

Business Dev. Manager, Nikola Labs

The freedom to work anywhere is a game-changer, because now I design days that nourish me, rather than go through the motions of a day someone else had planned.

Portrait of Meghan Kotlanger

Meghan Kotlanger

Director of Content, ADVOC8, Inc

After calculating the commute, I got 23 DAYS of my life back over the course of a year. Imagine what 23 extra DAYS not spent in stop-and-go traffic with elevated blood pressure can do for one’s body and soul?

Portrait of Sarah Surface and friend, Steve Smith

Sarah Surface

Director of Civil Rights Testing , The Equal Rights Center

I don’t think I truly knew how great work-life balance could be until I started working remotely. When I finish my work, a trail is always a short drive away, my coworkers are always jealous of the mountains when I take video calls outside, and there’s a peace to being out here that I wish more people would take advantage of.

Portrait of Meghan Kotlanger

Meghan Kotlanger

Director of Content, ADVOC8, Inc

When our company went remote, it expanded our options and we’ve been able to hire the best and brightest for our team. We have almost doubled in size since doing this. Better people = better work.

Ben LeBlanc

Sales Operations, Docker, Inc.

Remote work gives me the freedom to be exactly where my spirit feels most at home—West Virginia. This flexibility allows me to align my work life with the natural rhythms here, finding the perfect balance between productivity and personal well-being. It's about embracing a life that treasures freedom, encourages creativity, and enables me to immerse myself daily in the natural world that continuously inspires me.