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  1. What is First Ascent?

    First Ascent is a two-year program designed to help recent WVU and Marshall grads launch their professional career through the power of remote and hybrid work while maximizing work-life balance and building community.

  2. How do I know if I'm eligible to apply?

    Qualified applicants will be currently in the last year of their degree program -or- have graduated from West Virginia University or Marshall University with a bachelor's degree or higher within the past two years. Applicants must have goals to secure, or have already secured, a hybrid or remote job (we can even help you connect with career opportunities while you're in the last year of your degree program). All WVU and Marshall University majors may apply. First Ascent highlights remote and hybrid jobs rather than specific industries.

    Applicants can be employed in or out of state (WV), but must live in a First Ascent community of emphasis in West Virginia. Applicants can find remote/hybrid roles via any job listing site or by connecting with your Program & Career Specialist.

  3. Do I need a remote or hybrid job secured to apply?

    Nope! Applicants must have goals to secure, or have already secured, a hybrid or remote job (we can even help you connect with career opportunities while you're in the last year of your degree program).

    1. You can be currently working in your hybrid or remote role.

    2. You can have a hybird or remote job offer with a future start date secured.

    3. You can be in the last year of your degree program with an interest in securing a hybrid or remote job.

    *Employment verification is requested after program acceptance.

  4. What should I do if I haven't secured a remote or hybrid position, but still want to apply?

    We still want you to apply now! On the application, simply indicate that you have not yet secured an eligible position. Once you submit, we will connect you with our Program & Career Specialist and your university's (West Virginia University or Marshall University) Career Office(s), where you'll be able to leverage your university's powerful employer and alumni networks, personalized career coaching sessions, and interview resources to get one step closer to the job offer you've been waiting for!

  5. What qualifies as remote or hybrid work?

    Remote work is growing more and more popular each year! Remote workers are employed by a company, but do not have to commute to a central location and instead can work from anywhere. Hybrid workers, on the other hand, are employed by a company, but do have to occasionally commute to a central location (ex: you may be required to go into the office once or twice a week).

    Some hybrid and remote workers choose to travel the world while telecommuting, and others look to lay down roots. Whatever your path, there is no better place to thrive while working in a hybrid or remote position than Almost Heaven, West Virginia, where outdoor adventure is a way of life!

  6. Who is the ideal candidate for First Ascent?

    The ideal candidate is someone with hybrid or remote employment - or - with goals to secure hybrid or remote employment, who is looking to find a better work/life balance. We’re looking for folks who long for a sense of community, thrive with new adventure, and enjoy the great outdoors.

  7. How are candidates selected?

    To join First Ascent you must first submit an online application which will be reviewed by the First Ascent team. Top-scoring applicants will be asked to participate in virtual interviews before final selections are made. After your interview, you will be notified of your status.

  8. What does First Ascent programming include (i.e. what are the perks)?

    First Ascent includes: a professional mentorship program & success coaching, opportunity to complete a remote worker certificate, access to the Entrepreneurship Ecosystem, social trips & activities, access to our free co-working space, outdoor gear rentals, outdoor recreation adventures, networking opportunities, community engagement, professional development opportunities, and more!

  9. How long do I have access to my program perks?

    Participants have access to First Ascent perks for the duration of the two-year program. After that, you'll be automatically moved into our First Ascent Alumni program, where you'll explore a host of new, exciting opportunities!

  10. How long will i get to reside in West Virginia?

    First Ascent participants are expected to live in one of our featured communities for a minimum of two years (i.e. for the duration of the program).

  11. What communities can I choose from?

    First Ascent participants can live in any of our featured communities: Morgantown Area, Huntington Area, Eastern Panhandle, Greater Elkins, Greenbrier Valley, or the New River Gorge.

  12. If selected for the program, when will I be expected to move?

    We know a big move takes careful planning, even for the most avid adventurers. With this in mind, accepted applicants will have six months to make the move to a featured community. We do recognize that individual situations may vary and are happy to work with you to ensure a successful transition to your new home.

  13. If you are currently living in a featured community, you don't need to move! If you'd like to be considered for a different community than the one in which you currently live, however, you can indicate your preference on your application.

  14. How long do I have access to the         co-working space?

    First Ascent members have access to the co-working space (Ascend WV "Base Camp") for the duration of the two-year program, and you can use the space as as frequently as you like. Each co-working space has open floor seating, lounge areas, a kitchenette, and reservable conference rooms and private rooms for those times when you need a more secluded place to work or hold a meeting.

  15. What if I want to use the co-working space, but I'm not a First Ascent member?

    Not part of First Ascent, or want a non-First Ascent member to come co-work with you? Friends of Ascend gain access to our co-working space (a $195/mo value), exclusive events, and our insider newsletter for free. Learn more and sign up to become a Friend of Ascend today!

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