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Work, Reimagined

Move beyond the boundaries of a traditional workspace. It's time to craft a career that suits your lifestyle and transforms your daily routine from grind to flow.

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Work Anywhere. Choose Home.

First Ascent is a two-year program designed to help you launch your professional career through the power of hybrid and remote work while maximizing work-life balance and building community. If you're a recent West Virginia University or Marshall University graduate with goals for a full-time, flexible career, you're eligible to apply for First Ascent!

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Don't go it alone! Our Program & Career Specialist and the WVU and MU Career Offices can help you accelerate your search for a full-time hybrid, remote, or remote-first career opportunity.

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  1. Apply to First Ascent. 
  2. Upon program acceptance, connect with our Program & Career Specialist.
  3. Meet with your university's Career Office to curate a job search toolkit and resume designed to resonate with your target employers.
  4. Leverage your university's powerful employer and alumni networks, personalized career coaching sessions, and interview resources to get one step closer to the job offer you've been waiting for.
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Work Without Limits

Geographic restrictions are a thing of the past. With hybrid and remote work, you can break free form the constraints of a traditional office job and discover the work-life fit that optimizes your life. When you can work anywhere, why not choose West Virginia?

Network, Cowork, Groundwork

Level up with free access to our coworking spaces, where you can confidently lean into your productivity, build your network, and lay the groundwork for a thriving career. Here, success and flexibility go hand-in-hand.

More than a Backdrop

With hybrid and remote work, you can let the landscape inspire and fuel your productivity. In West Virginia, nature is an essential part of your work-life fit. Outdoor adventure is just one more reason to choose the mountain state.

Community in Your Corner

A strong community is the foundation for success. Our dedicated Experience Coordinators curate social events and exclusive adventures year round: bike rides, ice cream socials, backpacking trips, happy hours, healthy hours, networking opportunities, and more!

Unlock West Virginia's Top Talent

Looking for exceptional talent to drive your business forward? Universities in West Virginia are combining their resources to prepare graduates for success in today's dynamic job market. WVU and Marshall have a pool of skilled and motivated professionals equipped with the tools and mindset to thrive in evolving industries. By connecting with our graduates, you'll not only secure top-notch employees, but also contribute to the growth and transformation of our state through the power of remote and hybrid work.

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With seasons and clocks changing, it can be challenging to maintain balance. Fortunately, living in our four-season state means there is no shortage of events and destinations to enjoy. Let’s explore some upcoming activities...

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